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Who am I. Who I am.

  • Where did your love for art start?
    It all started when my mom would take me and my brother to after school classes at MECA in Houston, TX. I was around 7 years old when introduced to different forms of art including origami, Mexican cultural art, printmaking and even working on collaborative murals with a professional artist. Going to MECA allowed me to receive an acceptance letter into the High School of Performing and Visual Arts. MECA is located in Old Six Ward and still offers alternative arts activities for the city’s youth and families.
  • What inspires you to create?
    What inspires me to create is seeing my mother's strength and all she went through as a single parent raising my brother and me into men. That led me to turn my pain into passion. Growing up, we lived near the Houston Public Library. My mom would often take us to the library. Walking through the city always inspired me. It felt like we were always exploring. I loved checking out art books on Michelangelo and Salvador Dali. Since then, the library was a place of discovery for me because there was so much to learn.
  • Where has art lead you?
    Art has led me to meet amazing people, see new places, and have great opportunities. I had my first solo exhibition when I was 19 at M2 in Heights. I am currently working as a teaching artist for ARTreach in Houston, Texas teaching in juvenile detention centers, foster care facilities, and senior living centers. In February of this year, I open my first studio at The Silos. Art has even taken me to Costa Rica to teach workshops and create 3 collaboration mural around the city. When I first started art for me was an escape but is now an open door.
  • What has been your greatest struggle and accomplishment?
    My greatest struggle has always been questioning if I will ever make it as an artist. I feel like I'm always internally competing with myself and the idea that I'm not closer to my dream. My greatest accomplishment is always after I finish my latest piece. Every piece that comes to me and I complete is an accomplishment for me. Why? Because each painting is emotionally a part of me that needs to be painted once I finish, I feel like I can move forward.
  • Whats next?
    I'm currently working on a kid's watercolor series called "The Four Elements". In 2021, I plan to write and illustrate my own kid's book. My goal is to get involved and showcase my artwork in galleries across the country.
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